Last month marked the submission deadline for our writing and art contest, "In Focus." Since then, our judges and executives have been reviewing the work of participants and we are absolutely amazed at the quality and creativity of what we have seen. Congratulations to the following individuals below! Note: all individuals mentioned below will be published in our anthology.


Group One (Ages 10-14):

Visual Arts

Gold: Godfrey Wilson
Silver: Nazanin Soghrati
Bronze: Morena
Runner Up: Chin Chieh JJ Wang

Honorable Mentions: Yu Qiao Fang, Aisena Fedorova, Isabella Koosh and Heyabin.

Godfrey Wilson
Nazanin Soghrati


Gold: Olivia Levine
Silver: Gaia Narayan
Bronze: Nuthara Karunarathna
Runner Up: Sofia Uerskaya

Honorable Mentions: Ellen Christy, Tee Boon Hean, Isabel Ke, Trina Ketta, Lucy Kitti, Marissa Mitchell, Christina Polge, Elizabeth Razzouk and Mahriya Zahid.

Group TWO (Ages 15-18):

Visual Arts

Gold: Megan Wormald
Silver: Douiou Sakina
Bronze: Kunnei Fedorova
Runner Up: Grace Ting

Honorable Mentions: Anthony Azekwoh, Zarang Beiki, Josephine Desir, Maya Ginzburg, Kiana Kidder, Yoon Ji Kweon and Olusegun Oshoba Owusi.

Megan Wormald
Douiou Sakina
Douiou Sakina
Kunnei Fedorova


Gold: Cassandra Barthuly
Silver: Jack Zhang
Bronze: Johanna Jucutan
Runner Up: Angie Lo

Honorable Mentions: Diksha Aviral, Nameera Azim, Emma Bishop, Ilana Carmili, Anna Goncharova, Cebo Hadebe, Yagnyashri Kodaru, Victoria Meng, Arinze Nadi, Jocelyn Neo, Swatilekha Roy, Stelle de Rocio de Souza, Dhessiny Subramaniam, Charlotte Thompson, Carlito Topacio, Vinuthna Vemireddy, Carla Wassmann, Chelsea Zhang, 李孙龙 and 时媛.  

Regardless of whether you see your name listed above or not, World in Focus would like to thank everybody for their support, hard work and participation. We wish the best of luck to everyone in their future endeavours and we look forward to seeing your submissions next year!

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso