Our Cause

The lack of optical care is a distressing and harsh reality for many. That’s why 100% of our proceeds go to our cause: providing cataract surgeries and glasses for children in developing countries, and raising awareness to the local community through various events and presentations.  

Children Sponsored
Countries involved

Our Impact

Over the past 2 years, World in Focus has been raising money to donate glasses/cataract surgeries to children in developing countries. We believe in total transparency and as a result, we're so excited to show you where this money has been going! In partnership with Himalayan Cataract Project (HCP), we have helped sponsor 12 cataract surgeries in countries like Ethiopia, Nepal and Myanmar!

Our Stories

Meet 15-year-old, Dene:

This young man told me he has been blind in his right eye as long as he can remember. He was unable to stay in school and was ridiculed for his blindness by bullies and has not attended class for years. He lives in Woldia with his family and generally stays at home with his mother as she cooks and cleans. He was a quiet and sweet boy who was brave and fearless as he entered the operating room on October 12, 2017. When his patch was taken off he quietly looked around with a look of astonishment on his face. After a while he began to smile and started chatting, the most I had seen him do in the two days we spent together. He told me he is most excited to go back to school and he wants to be a teacher. As a teacher, he wants to help kids who were like him and protect them from bullies.

Meet Whelai:

This young boy came with his father and had a cataract in his left eye. He never looked up the entire time he was there before his eye was operated on and was very shy. He has had his cataract for 2 years and was also unable to go to school because of it. His father is a cattle farmer and his days were mostly sitting in a field waiting for his father to finish herding. He is most looking forward to going back to school, making friends and now wants to be a doctor when he grows up.